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Tuition Deposits, Deadlines, Refunds and Penalties


Improvement Institute Ltd. (II) has a responsibility to make sure students are informed of deposits, payments, deadlines, refunds, and penalties associated with enrolling. The Institute also has a fiduciary responsibility to its stakeholders to ensure the services are equitably provided and that frivolous use is avoided.

Once a learner has been registered, they assume full financial responsibility.

The Institute has a responsibility to provide reasonable options for student payments.



To establish the regulations for deposits and tuition payments, and to define deadlines, refunds, and penalties.



Applies to all course and program registrations defined in the Objects of an Institute in the Institute and Institute Act of British Columbia. With the approval of the Institute executive, separate regulations for courses and programs in adult basic education, and continuing education may be established provided they meet the responsibility of informing students prior to enrolment.




All students must accept admission (confirm seat offer) through payment of a deposit. All deposits will be applied to tuition and fees. If a student does not enroll, Admission deposits are partially refundable. Deposit amounts are based on the maximum penalty for the enrolment period, but have been simplified as:

Semester-based programs:

Domestic students: $275

International students: $6,000

Programs up to five (5) months in length:

Domestic students: $275 or tuition and fees, whichever is less

International students: $1000

Programs over five (5) months in length:

Domestic students: $550

International students: $6,000



A deposit must be paid prior to registration. All deposits will be applied to tuition and fees. If an admission deposit was paid for the period, no additional deposit applies. If a student is unable to enroll due to program/course cancellation or space availability, the deposit will be refunded providing reasonable effort to find an alternative has been made.

Semester-based programs: $275/semester or tuition and fees, whichever is less

All other programs: $550/enrolment period or tuition and fees, whichever is less



The balance of tuition and fees must be paid by the first day of class. A student who fails to pay tuition fees in full by the first day of classes may be dropped from all courses without warning and will forfeit any deposit paid.

Registration on or after the first day of classes requires full payment at the time of registration.



To be eligible for a refund, a student must formally request the Institute drop or withdraw them from classes or a program. The date the request is received by the Institute determines the refund amount.

Penalty prior to registering (deposits)

Domestic student: $150

International student: $6,000

with proof of student visa denial: $300

Refunds for de-registering:

29 or more days prior to start of classes: 90% of tuition, plus all Student & Instruction-Related fees1-28 days prior to start of classes: 85% of tuition, plus all Student & Instruction-Related fees

During the add/drop period: 85% of tuition

After the add/drop period: No refund

All refunds will be issued to the student unless a Sponsorship Authorization is on file.


Deferrals and deposit waivers may be available under the following circumstances:

• Funded Students: Students who are unable to pay their tuition fees by the deadline but have been approved for funding must make application in writing for a tuition fee deferral to Financial Aid Services.

• Non-funded students: Students who have not been approved for funding must make application in writing to the Registrar or Campus Administrator for fee deferral prior to the payment deadline. If an extenuating circumstance occurs (defined as a serious health issue documented by a doctor or a documented death of an immediate family member), the student can make an appeal for deferral or refund in writing and address it to the Dean. Based on the circumstances, the Dean can recommend to the Registrar a one-year deferral of the tuition deposit or a deposit refund. The Registrar will be responsible for making the final decision and communicating said decision to the student.



As a general practice, tuition received by the Institute will normally be paid by cash, Interac, cheque/money order, Visa or MasterCard, on-line banking or accepted Sponsor Authorization at the time of registration. Students will be informed that no diplomas, certificates, transcripts or documents of any kind will be issued on behalf of the student until indebtedness to the Institute is paid in full. Improvement Institute Ltd. does not accept cash payments over $3,000.00 per invoice.



Students are liable for all tuition and fees unless an accepted Sponsorship Authorization is received by Improvement Institute Ltd. Sponsorship Authorization can be in the form of a letter, purchase order, or II Sponsorship Authorization form. All Sponsors payments will comply with the tuition payments and refunds outlined in this policy. Sponsors may only revoke sponsorship letters prior to the first day of classes.

Payment on behalf of a student is not a sponsorship.



Tuition paid on behalf of individuals by companies should normally be paid by cheque or credit card at time of registration. If a company wishes to be invoiced for the student, II will forward a credit application to the company. II has the right to refuse credit based on the credit check. If a company is granted credit, a purchase order must be issued. The Institute will then invoice the company through

Financial Services.



Admissions Deposit: A deposit paid by an applicant to a program with admission requirements that confirms their acceptance of an offer of admission.

Registration Deposit: A deposit paid by students continuing in a second or subsequent enrolment period.

Semester-based Program: A program that follows the semester dates in the Academic Schedule approved by the Institute Education Council.

Start of classes: For semester-based programs, the start of classes is the first day of the semester. For non-semester based programs, the start of classes is the start date of the program intake.

Sponsorship Authorization: is a document legally transferring financial obligation from a student to a sponsor. Sponsorship Authorizations may use an II form or may be a letter from the sponsor.



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