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Found- AIR-BOARD Air Brakes Course

Updated: Apr 5

Look no further than Improvement Institute Ltd. Driving School: the hands-on, every valve demonstrated and easy to understand Air Brakes Course.

Let me tell you about it.

First you see a completely blank display. Then the 5 basic air brakes components are put up. Imagine a line from the compressor, a reservoir tank, a foot peddle and foundation brakes. All tied together with air lines and functioning. Seeing is learning.

From there we build up to a modern air brakes system. You are now watching valves in action. Valves such as the anti-compound, spring brake modulator and trailer task valve just to mention a few.

The most common feedback is how much fun it was, how easily it was to learn, and the best course they have attended in a long time.

Call now, course dates are filling up fast.

(250) 794-7991


P.S. Follow the Air Brakes Course with Driver training for Class 1 or Class 3. Don’t forget the defensive driving programs!!

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